MoveCenter Recognizes Excellence

The Global Supplier Awards Program started in 2017 as an annual awards program, and is MoveCenter's way of publicly acknowledging exceptional, best-in-class supplier performance.

Relocation Supplier Awards

MoveCenter’s Supplier of the Year award is given to companies in the top tier of their given industry, which have a dedicated coordinator, state of the art facilities/equipment and the highest service levels.

We use an evaluation process which assessed key attributes such as availability, responsiveness and customer friendliness of the coordinator(s) and willingness to “go the extra mile” to not just satisfy, but delight our clients.  In addition to this subjective feedback, we evaluate quantifiable metrics including transferee survey results, variance between estimates and actual prices, timeliness and accuracy of invoices, record of legal compliance, and adherence to specific client requirements including SLA’s.

The three most heavily weighted areas of scoring were (in order):  willingness to “go the extra mile” to not just satisfy, but delight our clients, responsiveness/customer friendliness of the coordinator(s), transferee surveys/feedback, and quality of facilities/equipment.  The 2018 Supplier of the Year winners are:


CWS Corporate Housing
Corporate Housing

Hotel Engine

Ineo Global Mobility
Technology, Global Financial & Tax Services


Next Step Realty
Rental Finding 

Patrick Pittman, PrimeLending Relocation Team
Mortgage Lending

Rental Finding 

Corporate Housing & Destination Services

Traveler’s Haven
Corporate Housing