MoveCenter's Suppliers

MoveCenter is strongly committed to the highest ethical standards, including engaging with suppliers who respect human rights, provide safe and inclusive workplaces, and promote a sustainable future.

Supplier Selection and Accountability

As an independent RMC, MoveCenter’s clients benefit from our ownership structure because it provides us the flexibility to choose suppliers by assessing key attributes such as pricing, operational excellence, industry experience, hiring and training practices, and commitment to Service Level Agreements.   Once in our supply chain, MoveCenter closely monitors and manages suppliers’ performance to ensure our service standards are met or exceeded at all times.   Suppliers who perform with excellence are rewarded with repeat business.

Extra Cost Controls

To continually drive cost savings, we evaluate competitive bids (as many as 30 bids for an individual service), and we continually screen new suppliers for possible addition to our supply chain.

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We award business based on client and transferee preference, availability, previous survey results, price (including estimates vs. actuals), and commitment to meet specific client requirements.  Or, when clients have preferred suppliers, MoveCenter is always happy to work with them!

Our global supply chain, covering all services in 120+ countries include these well-known companies:

We are committed to maintaining our network of best-in-class suppliers, offering the best services, at the best prices, with the highest level of service quality. If you would like to introduce your company’s products or services to us, please fill out the form on our supplier registration page.