Making Your Lump Sum Stretch

MoveCenter is pleased to provide lump sum recipients deals and discounts to help you manage your relocation.


Congratulations! You’ve taken that step in your career and accepted a job offer in another location. You’ve been given a check to cover your moving expenses and a start date to show up. Now that it’s up to you to start coordinating everything to move your family, vehicle, and pets, you may be wondering where to start.

Your lump sum package is intended to fully cover or offset the costs you will incur with your move. This can typically include home finding trips, lease cancellation fees or home sale costs, household goods moving and storage, automobile shipping, pet move, temporary living, home finding, final trip travel and settling in services. Deciding how to spend the money, and knowing how to make it stretch, can seem daunting at first.

Established in 1963, MoveCenter is a family-owned award-winning company that has been providing concierge level services to corporate and government clients for decades. As a result, we have heard just about every happy and shocking scenario in the moving industry.

We are aware that when people are moving with a lump sum, typically the first thing they do is try and save money by looking for the cheapest mover. There are movers that are giving lower moving estimates to fit into lump sum budgets, and while some of those estimates may be legitimate, it’s important to know that many are ploys to book your move. In the latter case, you will likely be charged much more in the end and be subject to other customer service issues. You have probably heard stories about movers that give low estimates, only to mark them up later, or worse, take the household goods hostage for more money.

Together with our preferred suppliers, MoveCenter has created this page for you. The companies you will find in the list below are fully licensed, insured, and have proven themselves to be trustworthy through the years.  We are confident in our recommendation that you include them in your search for moving services. Most of the links provided below offer discounts and perks you would not get otherwise. We hope this helps you stretch your lump sum payment.


Airlines, Hotels and Rental Cars

Hotel Engine is geared for professionals.  They are proud to offer hotel pricing that’s significantly lower than rates found on Expedia,  Orbitz, Priceline, etc.  After registering via the website, you can download the Hotel Engine app to your phone for future savings when you travel for vacations, etc.  Hotel Engine is a MoveCenter Supplier of the Year award winner for their unparalleled customer service!
Use this link to register for free and save at over 80,000 major brand hotels!


MoveCenterRebate will pay you a cash back rebate back within one week of closing, when you work with one of our 80,000+ participating agents!  In states that don’t allow cash rebates, you may receive a non-cash credit incentive such as gift certificates, closing-cost payments, or free ancillary services.

Save on HomeSale Costs By Contacting MoveCenterRebate Today!


UtilityConnect provides a utilities and home services connection-concierge service, so with the ease of one phone call, you can learn about your options and get connected.  They can help you with you:

  • TV/Cable
  • Internet
  • Home Security
  • Phone (mobile & landline)
  • Utilities
  • Change of Address

Get this free service started by clicking UtilityConnect


Colonial Mortgage offers discounted closing costs along with fast mortgage rate quotes and home loan information for your home refinancing and home purchase needs.  Their Homebuyer Assistance Program can help potential homebuyers who qualify with up to $5,000 in grants that assist with down payment or closing costs.

Learn What Colonial Mortgage Can Offer You

Household Goods

MoveCenterRebate offers significant cost savings on full service, professional van lines moves from Allied, Atlas, North American, Mayflower and United, plus many regional carriers.  Sit back and relax as professionals do all the work packing and transporting your belongings.  Book the service through MoveCenterRebate and we’ll act as an advocate for you in the unlikely event something goes wrong.
Save on Household Goods Moving Costs By Contacting MoveCenterRebate Today!

Auto Shipping

KA Transportation Services moves virtually anything with wheels (and some things without) worldwide. Click here for exceptional rates and award-winning customer service.

Home Finding

Porchlight is the only national rental finding company whose sole focus is renters.  Services range from complimentary to fee based and include area tours, rental tours, settling in tours, destination services, rental listing services and a free online toolkit.  PorchLight is a MoveCenter Supplier of the Year award winner for their unparalleled customer service!
Find Your Perfect Rental by Getting Started with Your Free Online Toolkit Today

Pet Moving

World Pet Travel is a leader in the industry of domestic and international pet transportation.  With 20 years’ experience and pet-friendly agents all over the world, we are the best choice for your pet’s travel needs. No matter where your travel begins, no matter where your travel ends, World Pet Travel can assist in providing the safest and least stressful experience for your beloved furry ones.

For a $50 discount on your pets travel, give us a call or email and mention MoveCenter sent you.

Treat Yourself

Plan ahead and have your new home move-in ready with internationally renowned interior designer Angelo Adamo.  Angelo is a premier designer specializing in space planning, material and finish selections, custom interiors, and home staging, etc.